Website Hosting

All websites need a computer server to host the files with connection to the internet where your website is stored and where internet users can access it.

It is important to select a host which is sufficient to meet your company's needs, and requirements, this includes the traffic handling capacity, reliability and of course speed. Websites by Lime will assess your business requirements and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

Our principle aim is to provide affordable, fast and secure web hosting.

Domain Name Registration

In order to have a online presence you need to have a domain name. This domain name has a small annual or biannual subscription and, once paid for, belongs to you until you cancel the subscription. We will ensure that you are advised in good time for all renewals so that the name is not lost and your website hosting is not interrupted.

Websites by Lime can register any number of domain names on your behalf and will advise you of the best name for your business. We will fully research available names and make all arrangements on your behalf and will link them to the appropriate website.